Korean inspired Supper Club 


Minus kitchen is a Montreal based supper club dedicated to sharing Korean inspired cuisine with deep appreciation of its simplicity and seasonality.

I believe in the power of cooking and sharing simple, honest meal. I believe that it's the way that we can reclaim our health, our culture, and our environment. 

I'm Mie Kim, creator behind Minus kitchen. I grew up in Seoul, South Korea in a culture where everything happens around the table. Sharing meal at the beginning and at the end of the day was almost a ritual, such a important part of daily life for our family. When I moved to Montreal, I sort of lost that. Then my new Montrealer friends started to asked me where to find good place to eat Korean food. Well, that's how it all got started. 

Everything is homemade including fermented soy sauce, miso paste and pepper paste; Gochujang. Theses are three fundamental sauces in Korean cuisine and I wanted to share the taste that I remember from back home. (that is not factory made and free of additives, conservatives, GMO corn syrup, and all other things that we don’t want to know.)

Looking forward to our next gathering and to share your food stories and memories around the table soon!