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to celebrate the ritual around eating together

Minus kitchen is a Korean supper club based in Montreal dedicated to bring the ritual around cooking and eating together back to the table. We are committed to sharing Korean inspired cuisine celebrating its simplicity and seasonality through gatherings and workshops we create. 

Mie Kim is the creator behind Minus kitchen. She grew up in Seoul, South Korea, in a culture where everything happens around the table. Sharing a meal at the beginning and the end of the day was a ritual where everyone takes a moment to pause, to nourish oneself, to share the good and the bad of your day, and to forge a bond as a family. Since she moved to Montreal, she sort of lost that connections. And when her new Montrealer friends started to ask her where to find good place to eat Korean food... Well, that's how it all got started. 


She believes in the power of cooking and sharing an honest meal. She believes that reconnecting with our produce, cooking consciously, and making everyday meal a ritual is the way we can reclaim our health, our culture, and our environment. 

Everything is house-made including the three 'Jang' which we ferment in the traditional way for years. Gan-Jang(soy sauce), Deon-Jang(Korean miso) and Gochu-Jang(pepper paste) are the three foundational flavors in Korean cuisine and Minus Kitchen wants to share the taste that we remember from childhood which is not factory made, but made with fine ingredients. 

We feel very lucky that we get to celebrate this long tradition of 'Jang' and continue to cook with real and honest food in a way that we are proud of and at the same time create special dining experiences to foster deep human connection with more people. Looking forward to our next gathering and to learn more about your food stories and memories around the table soon!